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Image of a bee

“The apple trees were coming into bloom, but no bees droned among the blossoms, so there was no pollination and there would be no fruit.”
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring


Issue 1 | Volume 1 | Summer 2019

And all who live in it— Matthew Townsend

No hiding place— Linda Nicholls

Global danger, spiritual danger— Mark MacDonald

‘Ten months away from the next flood’: deluge now a fact of life, Ottawa-area priests say— Tali Folkins

General Synod passes environmental justice resolutions— Matthew Townsend

For the love of bees— Joelle Kidd

How to plant a pollinator garden— Joelle Kidd

Climate change in the North— Matt Gardner

O greenest church?— Tali Folkins

Ten ways to green your church without breaking the bank— Tali Folkins

‘Nothing’s like it used to be’— Matthew Townsend

Anglican Voices: Living as ecological refugees— Vivian Seegers

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Cover image: The Rev. Sheilagh Ashworth holds out a frame filled with bees from one of her hive boxes. Photo by Saskia Rowley

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