Surplus seen for 2021, but uncertainty ahead

The church is headed toward a healthy surplus for 2021, CoGS heard at its November meeting. But the financial outlook for 2022 and beyond will be highly unpredictable until the pandemic’s effect on the church is known with more clarity, the council was told.

‘Realistic hope’ needed as church weighs pandemic’s toll, primate says

The pandemic has left its mark on the church in many ways—including, possibly, a permanent decrease in in-person attendance—and new spiritual resources will be needed as the church continues to emerge from it, Archbishop Linda Nicholls, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, told the Council of General Synod (CoGS) Nov. 5.

Honouring life’s final stage

High rates of COVID-19 infection and death in Canada’s long-term care homes have drawn increased attention to their quality of care, and have spurred announcements by provincial and federal governments of new measures intended to improve it, including billions of dollars in new spending.

Long-term care and ‘the great revealer’

When military personnel were deployed to long-term care homes in Ontario and Quebec during the pandemic’s first wave in the spring of 2020, they encountered a system that some had said was in dire need of change even before the pandemic. But COVID-19 brought increased public attention to the system’s shortcomings as it spread through long-term care homes across the country.

The illusion of control—and the reality of hope

One of the great illusions when life is stable is that we are in control. The pandemic has shattered that illusion; a tiny virus broke through all our expectations. Plans were disrupted; families separated; and many of the ways in which we manage our lives were no longer effective. We discovered our vulnerability, and that we need each other for survival and are not in control.

Rising to the coronavirus’s challenge

Last spring, Anglicans around the world were invited to take part in an international survey by a pair of U.K. academics called “Coronavirus, the Church and You.” The survey ran in three countries: the U.K., the USA and Canada.

To find life on a day like this

For many years, I have been troubled by the inability of non-Indigenous people and institutions to receive and grasp the full reality of the pain and challenges of Indigenous life in this land. Statistics and stories are acknowledged with sympathy, but the realization of what this might mean seems completely elusive.

Dioceses wrestle with vaccination rules

As Canada reels from the fourth wave of COVID-19, provinces have been implementing rules that require people to have proof of their vaccination status to enter certain businesses and other venues.

Ottawa Anglican’s sock ministry touches thousands

On Dec. 24, 2017, Jessica Baird, a teacher and a parishioner at Julian of Norwich Anglican Church in Ottawa, was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (AS), a rare type of arthritis causing, among other things, severe and long-term pain in the spine.

Living creatively in a hybrid church

I was moved and challenged after reading Canon Neil Elliot’s article in the Anglican Journal, ‘Our response …gives me much hope,’ and would like to