Parish Information

All identifiable contributors to the Anglican Church of Canada are entitled to receive Anglican Journal. It is the responsibility of each parish to inform the circulation department about the names and addresses of parishioners that should be on your church’s parish subscription listing.

Every parish receives an annual printout in duplicate of its subscribers. One copy is to be kept for your files; the other returned to us with changes and deletions. The printouts are sent at various times throughout the year depending on your diocese.


  • Toronto Diocese


  • Montreal Diocese


  • New Westminster Diocese
  • Ottawa Diocese 


  • Algoma Diocese
  • Athabasca Diocese
  • British Columbia Diocese
  • Edmonton Diocese
  • Fredericton Diocese


  • Caledonia Diocese
  • Huron Diocese
  • Ontario Diocese


  • Brandon Diocese
  • Qu’Appelle Diocese
  • Rupert’s Land Diocese
  • Saskatchewan Diocese
  • Saskatoon Diocese 


  • Arctic Diocese
  • Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh
  • Kootenay Diocese
  • Moosonee Diocese
  • Nova Scotia and PEI Diocese
  • Quebec Diocese
  • Territory of the People (formerly Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior)


  • Niagara Diocese


  • Central Newfoundland Diocese
  • Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador Diocese
  • Western Newfoundland Diocese


  • Calgary Diocese

In most cases we have verified postal codes with the post office. Therefore, before changing a postal code, please double-check with the subscriber or the post office. If you have access to the Internet, you can look up specific addresses at Canada Post’s website by clicking on “Find a Postal Code.”

Throughout the year any additions, changes or deletions should be sent to Anglican Journal on the Journal’s coloured list maintenance forms or emailed to Since our database is very large, changes require the old information as well as the new information to ensure we change the correct record.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you require an additional updated printout or forms during the year.

Finally, if you are deleting a clergy person from your subscription listing, we would appreciate receiving a note regarding the reason for the cancellation as well as any information you may have regarding their new address, phone numbers and parish affiliation. Since we also maintain a database of Anglican clergy, this information is extremely valuable.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping the mailing list up to date.

Circulation Department