Quebec becomes 10th diocese to offer same-sex blessings

This blessing is not a marriage, but rather
This blessing is not a marriage, but rather "the blessing of civil union that has already taken place," assures the bishop of the diocese of Quebec, Dennis Drainville. Photo: Marites N. Sison

Same-sex couples in the diocese of Quebec will soon be able to receive a blessing of their civil union, according to the Anglican diocese’s newspaper, the Gazette.

Quebec’s diocesan synod, which met November 2 to 4, passed a motion supporting Bishop Dennis Drainville’s wish to permit the blessing of same-gender unions.  The motion also requests the creation of a working group to advise the bishop on how a “pastoral response” can be implemented for those seeking to have their union blessed.

The diocesan newspaper reported that of the 70 synod members, fewer than 10 voted against the motion on the grounds that “the blessing of homosexual couples contradicts biblical teaching.”

In his charge to synod, Drainville expressed his intention to provide a rite of blessing and pastoral support for persons living in “committed, same-gender relationships.” This blessing is not a marriage, he emphasized, but rather “the blessing of civil union that has already taken place.”

No cleric or congregation will be obligated to perform same-gender blessings, he added.  This ministry will “simply be an option…which is being offered in an increasing number of parts of the Anglican Church of Canada.”

Quebec becomes the 10th diocese in the Anglican Church of Canada to offer same-sex blessings. The others include New Westminster, Ottawa, Huron, Niagara, Toronto, Montreal, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Edmonton, and Rupert’s Land. The Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior (APCI) has passed a motion asking its bishop to allow clergy “whose conscience permits” to bless same-sex unions.



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