New issue of Epiphanies explores theology and money

‘For where your treasure is…’ is the second issue of Epiphanies, the digital magazine produced by the Anglican Journal team.

The fall/winter issue of Epiphanies, the digital magazine produced by the Anglican Journal team, is now online.

This issue is all about money: how Anglicans relate to everything from personal finances to global economics—as editorial supervisor Matthew Townsend writes in his editorial letter, “some thoughtful exploration of the ways the church is pressing forward with economic issues.”

Inside this issue, you’ll find in-depth reporting on the ministry of non-stipendiary clergy in Indigenous communities; how the Anglican Church of Canada grapples with responsible investing; and a look at how the Sisters of Saint John the Divine live out their vow of poverty.

There are also reflections on the dangers of the theology of abundance by the Rev. Maggie Helwig; a guide for talking about giving by Susan Graham Walker; a Q&A with drop-in ministry director Rachel Robinson; and views on debt across faith lines. Primate Linda Nicholls shares her views on the necessity of talking about finances, and National Indigenous Anglican Archbishop Mark MacDonald issues a spiritual challenge: to “see the poor in our day.”

Read this issue’s articles here or download the pdf version of the full issue here.


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Joelle Kidd
Joelle Kidd joined the Anglican Journal in 2017 as staff writer. She has worked as an editor and writer for the Winnipeg-based Fanfare Magazine Group and as freelance copy editor for Naida Communications.


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