TRC Montreal 2013

The Red Memory exhibit includes the "Tree of Emotions"which expresses what former Indian residential school students feelabout their experience of assimilation. Photo: Marites Sison

‘Tree of Emotions’ at TRC

The first thing one notices upon entering the room is a small woodentree standing against a blown up image of a group of native childrenstaring glumly at the camera.
Meeting former students of Indian Residential Schools hasbeen "a huge privilege,"said the Rev. Jennifer Bourque. Photo: MaritesN. Sison

At the TRC: The privilege of listening

The Rev. Jennifer Bourque spent most of her time in the "Churches'Listening Area" at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Quebecnational event, held here April 24 to 27.

The last principal at La Tuque

When Canon Jean Maurice Bonnard toured the Anglican-run La Tuque Indian Residential School shortly before he became its principal, he noticed an odd-looking object in an office.

Haitian-Canadian moved by residential school stories

Conceptie Jeree learned about the history of Indian residential schools in Canada only last February. Butshe was so moved by the accounts of former students whom she had heardspeak at a gathering that she decided to volunteer at the Truth andReconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada's Quebec national event, heldhere April 24 to 27.

The pain came crashing down’

The things that happened to him at the Anglican-run La Tuque IndianResidential School were "just unspeakable," to the extent that JohnBosum said he couldn't talk about them.

Education critical for reconciliation

Archbishop Fred Hiltz on April 26 said he would like to see thestory of the Anglican Church of Canada's role in Indian residentialschools told in Anglican theological colleges and learning institutionsacross Canada as part of the church's commitment toward healing andreconciliation with aboriginal people.

Young aboriginal people are saying, ‘Enough, already’

The bishop of the Anglican diocese of Quebec, Dennis Drainville, known for his commitment to social justice issues, is taking part in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's Quebec national event, April 24 to 27, in Montreal.

The Anglican Journal spoke with Drainville about his diocese's role in the event.

‘My little residential school suitcase’

In 1958, Marcel Petiquay was a joyful little boy of six when he was sentto Amos Indian Residential School, a Roman Catholic-run boarding schoolin Amos, Que.
A panel of indigenous women activists spoke about theirpeople's experiences at an event co-sponsored by Kairos and the TRC atthe Quebec National Event in Montreal. Photo: Marites N. Sison

Women of Courage’ speak at TRC

An indigenous woman activist from the Philippines and a prominent Mohawkwoman activist from Kanehsatake, Que., on April 24 drew parallelsbetween the experiences of their own people and found some commonthreads that unite them.
Former Governor General Michaëlle Jean poses with Montreal students who attended Education Day at the TRC Quebec National Event. Photo: Marites N. Sison

TRC Commissioner: Youth are part of the solution

Former Governor General MichaëlleJean on April 24 urged young Canadians to take an active part in thework of healing and reconciliation between Canada's aboriginal andnon-aboriginal people.
Hundreds of former Indian residential school studentsjoin a "Survivor's Walk and Procession" at the opening day of the TRCQuebec National Event in Montreal. Photo: Marites N. Sison

Half of residential school students abused, says Sinclair

About 37,000 or nearly half of the 80,000 former students who appliedfor Common Experience Payment under the Indian Residential SchoolSettlement Agreement (IRSSA) also filed claims for sexual, seriousphysical abuse and other "wrongful acts" suffered at residentialschools, according to Justice Murray Sinclair.

Anglicans prepare for TRC event in Montreal

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, willlead a delegation of Anglicans expected to participate in the Truth andReconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) Quebec National Event,scheduled April 24 to 27, in Montreal.