How do you pray? Why do you pray? What is prayer? If God is all-knowing, why should we pray? We will explore these questions and more in this series on prayer.


‘Prayer is what God does in and through us’: C of E bishop

On May 12, participants at a conference of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (Canada) in Cochrane, Alta., were treated to a “powerful” presentation that “engaged everyone completely” for two and a half hours, says event organizer the Rev. Bonnie Luft, priest-in-charge at Saint Francis of Assisi Anglican Church in Airdrie, Alta.

Prayer beyond words

For Kalyn Falk, connecting to one’s own body is a powerful experience. Falk is a writer and spiritual director in Winnipeg, Man., where she is...

Experiments in prayer

Famously, when asked by his disciples to “teach us to pray” in the gospels, Jesus responded with the Lord’s Prayer. For centuries, Christians have...

Prayer: There’s an app for that

Smartphones dominate daily life, used for everything from ordering takeout to mapping directions to snapping photos to, occasionally, talking on the phone. So why...

Are ‘thoughts and prayers’ enough? Some Anglicans reflect

There’s value in praying to effect change—but if our prayers don’t affect our actions, something might be amiss, some Canadian Anglicans say. Since the mass...
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