Special delivery

As editor of the Anglican Journal, I sometimes agonize over the editorials I write—spending days developing and discarding drafts before settling on a message that

Preparing to meet the ‘final wave’: grief

Seven months after the attacks on the United States that reduced the twin towers of the World Trade Center to a smouldering mass of rubble, I flew into New York. It was the week before Holy Week of 2002.

Ministry is an impossible job

And why clergy burnout is something you should care about “I haven’t heard from you since March!” one parishioner said to me accusingly on the

Withered—and filled with power

“For in his power are the hidden mysteries of earth.” This translation by Rabbi Hillel Danziger of the first part of Verse 4 of Psalm 95 reveals a rabbinic insight about the presence of God’s energies and power in Creation.

Identity and idolatry

The apostle Paul says that “enemies of blood and flesh” (Ephesians 6:12) are not our greatest challenge in life.

White Jesus and me

When I first published a version of this column in September, another Black man in the United States had been shot (seven times in the back) by a white police officer.

Seeing God beyond our mirror images

Although some people find February a dismal month as we long for the end of winter, it is, for me, a month of good memories and celebrations.

Puzzled by God

“…all things work together for good to those who love God…”  —Romans 8:28 Jigsaw puzzles are popular these days, but they intimidate me. People who

First steps in knowing God

Recently, a member of our congregational book study group raised a timely question with me. Quoting a front-page article in a local paper, he said,