White Jesus and me

When I first published a version of this column in September, another Black man in the United States had been shot (seven times in the back) by a white police officer.

Seeing God beyond our mirror images

Although some people find February a dismal month as we long for the end of winter, it is, for me, a month of good memories and celebrations.

Seeing God through the seeking of others

It was a spring afternoon on a Sunday in Edmonton.

Puzzled by God

“…all things work together for good to those who love God…”  —Romans 8:28 Jigsaw puzzles are popular these days, but they intimidate me. People who...

COVID-19 and global hunger: a Zimbabwe case study

The reports in November and December 2020 were dire. For the people of Matabeleland in Zimbabwe, the “lean” season had begun. The peak lean...

First steps in knowing God

Recently, a member of our congregational book study group raised a timely question with me. Quoting a front-page article in a local paper, he...

‘The Spirit has been present in new and exciting ways’

Planning, disruption and hope in a pandemic year

Americans need Canadian prayers. They also need Canadian action.

Three years ago, I visited the diocese of Quebec as a foreign journalist writing about the sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful world of anglophone Christians...

Knowing God in four directions

Four-directional thinking is quite widespread among Indigenous elders.

Communion beyond the human

Dear Reader, I imagine you thinking right now—preposterous!

Finding God in unsettling times

When I lived in the Himalayas, we had occasional earthquakes.

‘Be still and know that I am God’: Hope in the year ahead, no...

I ask God to give me the words he wants me to speak for him.

May God’s name be holy

The first request of the Lord’s Prayer, directed towards God, also points towards your heart and our communal experience and practice of Christian faith.

Pandemic, Advent and the church

I started at St. Saviour’s Anglican Church, Winnipeg, in February 2015 as an interim priest and was appointed incumbent in September 2016. During the...

Giving the hope of Incarnation (and goats)—even in isolation

Welcoming the Christ child from a safe distance doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the Incarnation in tangible ways, writes Canon David Harrison. It is...