We’re in this together

As I read the articles on the statistical decline of the Anglican Church in Canada, the image of the “Spirit of Haida Gwaii” surfaced...

Looking north

Around this time of year, the millions of Canadians who live in the south are reminded that Canada is one of the great northern countries. Though it doesn’t appear to come to mind very often—it was largely missed in conversations that accompanied our recent election—the North is an essential part of our land.

The Guardian accepts—and prepares for— the coming of God

I have always felt that when Jesus suggested to his disciples that they relate to God as a loving father, he was doing so because of his own loving relationship with the man he would have regarded as father, especially in his early years of childhood.

Glory to God, peace on earth, goodwill to all…

Farmers and shepherds know the patience needed to tend the land or animals, knowing that they cannot control many of the factors they depend on—the sun or rain, the predators or growth. They have endurance and perseverance in the face of uncertainties and also have capacity to see beauty in the world around them in the most ordinary moments.

Jimmy Carter: A social, personal mentor on lifelong health and well-being

Jimmy Carter has been in the public eye for more than half a century, and most Canadians think they know all about him. I...

Resisting racism’s evil, infectious spread

People of the dominant culture sure don’t like hearing anything that hints they might be even a little racist. Folks quickly protest, “I am...

Can eating doughnuts be healthy?

Beechwood Doughnuts has become one of St. Catharines’ most popular and best-known small businesses.

What it means to be whole

Some years ago, a group in the diocese of Toronto sought to develop a healing centre similar to that of Burrswood in England. I...

Where, O death, is your victory?

During my youth in Florida, I used a cynical but common nickname for the place: God’s waiting room.

Education and formation: A new frame for a new world

A simple and heartfelt acceptance of the present reality of the church’s relationship with the broader culture would bring massive, transformational changes to our educational efforts.

Putting down roots through discernment and discipleship

As complexity increases, the desire for simple answers polarizes communities, making the other “side” an enemy. We live in the midst of the pressures to choose a side and ignore the nuances and complexity of human life in our decisions. Such pressures raise a question: What is our call as Christians?

We are not human without community

The ecological and human crisis that faces us today is a striking and urgent part of our context. Through this crisis we are relearning three related and essential ideas about community.

Living—together—as the body of Christ

In a world that increasingly seeks to polarize people into rigid camps, marked by hatred or rejection of the other, we are called to be a community in which love is stronger than hate.

Intentional obedience

Each fall at Wycliffe College, I teach “Life Together,” a required first-term MDiv course. We read classics in living the Christian faith in community: the desert fathers, Jean Vanier’s works about L’Arche, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together and The Rule of St. Benedict.

Before the clock runs out of time

A resolution passed by General Synod ‘will truly challenge people’ in the church to address earth’s climate emergency, writes Brynne Blaikie—youth delegate and co-author of Resolution C003.