Putting down roots through discernment and discipleship

As complexity increases, the desire for simple answers polarizes communities, making the other “side” an enemy. We live in the midst of the pressures to choose a side and ignore the nuances and complexity of human life in our decisions. Such pressures raise a question: What is our call as Christians?

We are not human without community

The ecological and human crisis that faces us today is a striking and urgent part of our context. Through this crisis we are relearning three related and essential ideas about community.

Living—together—as the body of Christ

In a world that increasingly seeks to polarize people into rigid camps, marked by hatred or rejection of the other, we are called to be a community in which love is stronger than hate.

Intentional obedience

Each fall at Wycliffe College, I teach “Life Together,” a required first-term MDiv course. We read classics in living the Christian faith in community: the desert fathers, Jean Vanier’s works about L’Arche, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together and The Rule of St. Benedict.

Before the clock runs out of time

A resolution passed by General Synod ‘will truly challenge people’ in the church to address earth’s climate emergency, writes Brynne Blaikie—youth delegate and co-author of Resolution C003.

In ‘reconciliation,’ we face hatred together

General Synod’s decision to approve a ‘Prayer for reconciliation with the Jews’ on first reading demonstrates how Jewish-Anglican relations can bear lifegiving, lifesaving fruit,...

Editorial letter: Preparing for the General Synod ‘marathon’

Editorial supervisor Matthew Townsend shares plans for the Journal’s coverage of GS2019, social media expectations and a prayer request

Letting the Spirit lead spirited debate—online and in person

“How can we love others we disagree with? How can we respect people we’ve never met face-to-face? The answer may be simpler than we might expect: by reaching out. By making contact. By asking, ‘Help me to understand.’ By apologizing. Publicly. Online. By praying for our conversation partners. By praying with them,” the Rev. Jesse Dymond says.

Quality time with the ‘Prodigal Son’

When our spiritual travelers group recently visited the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, I had an experience that took me back more than...

Thank you

On June 25, 2007, I was installed as the 13th primate of our beloved church. It was a hot and humid night, and St. Matthew’s Church in Winnipeg was like a sauna! I was so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of the ministry to which I had been called, I remember little of the liturgy except the great relief of the congregation in being sprinkled with water as we renewed our vows in baptism! While momentary, the relief was welcomed!

A grateful moment for ecumenical leadership

National Lutheran Bishop Susan Johnson and Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz will complete their ministry together as leaders in partnership of their respective churches this...

On the marriage canon

When non-Indigenous people hear that there is a widespread ambivalence and reluctance among Indigenous Anglicans to change the marriage canon to allow same-sex marriage,...

Where are all our flowers going?

The widespread murder and disappearance of Indigenous women and girls in Canada calls us to value them differently—before they’re all gone—argues Ginny Doctor.

Finding unity through the Spirit

As General Synod approaches, scripture shows us we can speak the same language—even if we’re not of the same mind. The feast of Pentecost is...

A call to discipleship

This column has often had the theme of decolonization and the process of becoming a post-colonial church, though only rarely naming it that directly. It is a...