April issue focuses on resurrection

The April 2020 issue of the Anglican Journal is now online, with a focus on Easter.

‘We need to be re-evangelized’: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove talks about religion and power, new monasticism...

Along with Shane Claiborne, founder of The Simple Way intentional community, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is a key figure in the new monastic movement in the United States.

Diocese of New Westminster announces $2 million financial assistance package

The diocese of New Westminster has announced a financial assistance package of approximately $2 million meant to ease financial strain on parishes in the...

‘Nothing can stop us all being in prayer’: Thy Kingdom Come 2020 resources include...

For the fifth year in a row, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is inviting the world’s Christians to pray, from Ascension to Pentecost, that others may come to know Jesus.

‘It’s like a rolling high tide that’s coming’: Indigenous communities prepare for COVID-19

As Indigenous communities across Canada ramp up social distancing and isolation measures in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Anglican Indigenous leaders say...

Letters to the editor, April 2020

I was intrigued by Margaret Rouhani’s reaction (“Letters: Talking about Israel and Palestine in a post-truth era,” Feb. 2020, p. 4) to the excellent cover article in the December edition of the Anglican Journal (“You weep before you get to Bethlehem,” Dec. 2019, p. 1).

Churches turn to live streaming as COVID-19 causes closures, suspensions

As congregations in the Anglican Church of Canada and across the Anglican Communion experience closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some parishes and dioceses...

St Patrick: From missionary bishop to Irish national icon

Few days in the calendar of saints have greater public resonance than the feast day of St. Patrick on March 17.

As COVID-19 reaches congregations, parish nurses offer observations, advice

In recent days, COVID-19—the disease caused by a novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, last December—has continued to spread globally, affecting worship around the world.

Strategy and the church

To many of us, strategy may have strong associations with the powers of this world; the word comes from the Greek strategos, or general, and is of course vital in the domains of war, politics and business.

Lent an evolving tradition, says professor

Anglicans may seem inconsistent when it comes to Lent: for every Anglican who gives something up—striking chocolate, swearing or Netflix off the list—there’s another for whom such practices don’t seem essential to the season.

Church begins work on next strategic plan

Do you have views to share on what the Anglican Church of Canada’s priorities should be in the coming years?

‘Each day carries the fear of succumbing to the virus’: Anglicans in Italy experience...

The novel coronavirus and the disease caused by it (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world. As of March 3, the World Health Organization...

Dioceses respond, adapt as coronavirus spreads to Canada

As cases of the novel coronavirus are confirmed in Canada, Anglican leaders have responded with a review of good hygiene practices in pastoral care...

A wilderness of separation

At once the Spirit sent him out into the wilderness and he was in the wilderness forty days, being tempted by Satan.