Primate hopes to make racial justice a focus for the church

In her first address as primate to CoGS, Archbishop Linda Nicholls, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, said one of the tasks she wanted the church to focus on in coming years was fighting racism.

January issue takes in-depth look at state of church

The January issue of the Anglican Journal is a 28-page report and reflection on the Anglican Church of Canada’s present and future, after the release of new church statistics.

Looking toward God’s own pruning

Last fall, members of the diocese of Toronto gathered for synod.

General Synod hires communications director

The national office of the Anglican Church of Canada welcomed Joseph (Joe) Vecsi as director of communications in October.

Demographic, cultural changes key to declining church membership: Sociologist of religion

Shifting immigration patterns and broader social changes are key factors in declining membership within the Anglican Church of Canada, according to a sociologist who studies religion in Canada. But while many Protestant denominations face similar challenges, growing congregations also exist within these traditions that share a number of common features.

‘Green shoots’: Community outreach fuels thriving congregations

Newly released statistics showing that the church’s membership has continued to fall since 2001 have drawn new attention to the outliers of this trend—parishes and congregations across the country that are thriving.

Room at the inn: Diocese of Jerusalem planning Bethlehem ‘guest house’ for pilgrims

Anglican pilgrims to Bethlehem could have their own place to stay and worship in the city in as few as two or three years, a priest with the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem says.

‘You weep before you get to Bethlehem’

For the past quarter-century, Canon Richard LeSueur, who lectured at St. George’s College in Jerusalem in the early 1990s, has been returning to the Holy Land for one month almost every year to teach or lead pilgrimages.

Considering an Anglican apology

Albert Dumont (South Wind), Algonquin spiritual teacher in residence at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa, shares thoughts on the apology for spiritual harm the...

U of T doctoral student researches links between clergy burnout, prayer

In 2017, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby told the Church of England’s General Synod that being a parish priest was the most stressful job he had ever had.

‘Wake-up call’: CoGS hears statistics report on church membership decline

The Anglican Church of Canada’s first reliably-collected set of statistics since 2001 show the church running out of members in little more than two...

Working group to begin review of ‘governance of the church’

Mississauga, Ont. The Council of General Synod (CoGS) voted Nov. 9 to refer a review of General Synod’s membership and rules to the council’s Governance...

Jubilee Commission presents early work on path to ‘equitable funding base’ for Indigenous church

Mississauga, Ont. The Jubilee Commission has started the work needed to propose a “just, sustainable and equitable funding base for the self-determining Indigenous Anglican church,”...

“A searching world” still needs the church, new primate reassures CoGS

Mississauga, Ont. In the face of falling membership and financial challenges, Canadian Anglicans should feel encouraged that there remains a role for their church in...

Where, O death, is your victory?

During my youth in Florida, I used a cynical but common nickname for the place: God’s waiting room.