Norm Casey remembered as gentle friend, shepherd of Indigenous ministry

The Rev. Norman Casey, who served as priest in churches in or near the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve, Ontario; as a...

God truly works in mysterious ways

I became part of the church, at first, as more of an observer.

Statistician sees ParishOS as future of church’s data collection

The Anglican Church of Canada’s statistician says he hopes a new electronic tool for gathering parish data will allow the church to see itself with greater clarity.

Living as footnotes to the story

“To live in the church in North America is to assume that our critique of the church is the most important, that our problems are the most significant problems in the universal church.”

Balancing institution and mission: Lessons from change in the Cuban church

To my brothers and sisters in the Anglican Church of Canada:

New wineskins for new wine

The recent statistics report for the Anglican Church of Canada begs unavoidable questions: What factors account for the ongoing decline of the Anglican Church of Canada?

The challenges and opportunities before us

It is very clear that the future for our church is challenging.

Letters to the editor, January 2020

Cherry-picking God’s advice In the December 2013 edition of the Anglican Journal, a front-page profile titled “The irreverent, reverent Don Cherry” prompted me to write a letter to...

Recapturing our lost virtues—mission and evangelism

The recent statistics on trending decline in the Anglican Church of Canada came as no surprise to me.

The declining church formed me

I grew up in a struggling rural church.

‘Anglicans in Canada are in exile’

The Anglican Church of Canada is hollowing out.

‘Coming to God without freedom is not coming to God’: Philosopher Charles Taylor on...

For a professor of political science and philosophy, Charles Taylor was already unusually widely known by the turn of the millennium.

This far by faith

As editorial supervisor of the Anglican Journal, there’s little I can add to our overall discussion of the state of the church: the newly released statistics, the decline, the questions that loom.

Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus

In the fall, the Council of General Synod and the House of Bishops heard the Rev. Neil Elliot’s statistical report.

Gone by 2040?

Recently released data suggesting the church’s rate of decline has not slowed over the past decade and a half—while not surprising—should serve as a useful reality check for Canadian Anglicans, says Archbishop Linda Nicholls, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.