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Ban all nuclear weapons, Primate urges

Ottawa Canada must take a “strong, principled stand against the continued possession of nuclear weapons by any state,” Archbishop Michael Peers told a House of

Bishop denies improper use of funds

Bishop Gordon Beardy and members of the Diocese of Keewatin vigorously deny there is anything improper in the expenditure of funds raised by the bishop’s

New hymnal delayed

Common Praise, the church’s new hymn book originally scheduled to be ready for next month’s General Synod, will now likely roll off the presses some

Church pensions office has millennium bug beat

While many businesses are still being bugged by looming computer problems associated with the advent of the year 2000, the Anglican Church pension department has

Four receive Anglican Award of Merit

The Anglican Award of Merit, conferred on lay people who have made an outstanding contribution to the church, is given this year to: Betty Gracie,

Patriarch to visit Canada

Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens will ring to hallelujahs instead of hockey fans’ enthusiasm May 31 as 20,000 Orthodox Christians pack the building for a divine