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2018 Anglican Journal Appeal raises $474,489

Last year’s Anglican Journal Appeal, the Journal’s annual donation campaign, raised $474,489 and boasted its highest-ever average donation, $56. The total of the 2018 appeal...

Chaplaincy innovations bring students together

The University of Victoria’s interfaith chapel has been called the “happiest place on campus,” Anglican chaplain Ruth Dantzer says. That’s because every Tuesday, close to...

Marriage vote failure ripples through church

General Synod’s failure to pass a resolution to amend the marriage canon to expressly allow solemnization of same-sex marriage, followed by a communiqué from the House of Bishops effectively commending diocesan-based decisions on the matter, has triggered a wave of responses across the Anglican Church of Canada.

New primate foresees time of change for national church

The Anglican Church of Canada’s new primate says her top priority will be a review of the church’s mission and ministry—a re-examination of its role that could result in “painful” change for some as the church adjusts to challenging times.

Around the dioceses, September 2019

Major restructuring is in the works in the diocese of Qu’Appelle’s St. Cuthbert’s archdeaconry.

Diocese of Huron announces nominees for bishop

The Electoral Procedures Committee of the diocese of Huron has announced the nominees for bishop of the diocese, to be chosen at an electoral...

Bishop of Athabasca to resign for new positions with diocese of Dallas

Almost exactly a decade after being elected bishop of the diocese of Athabasca, Fraser Lawton will be resigning to take up positions with the Episcopal Church’s diocese of Dallas.

Anglican Journal launches digital magazine ‘Epiphanies’

Anglicans looking for in-depth stories and diverse perspectives on complex subjects have a new place to look: Epiphanies, a digital magazine produced by the...

Archdeacon Gordon Finney dead at 69

Archdeacon Gordon H. Finney, who served in the diocese of Toronto, taught at Seminari Thelogi in Malaysia and then retired to the diocese of...

General Synod passes motion to sign, endorse Christian-Muslim dialogue

General Synod voted July 15 to sign on to “A Common Word Between Us and You” and endorse it as a model for Christian-Muslim dialogue. The letter extends “an invitation to look at two foundational principles present within both of our respective scriptures: the call to love God above all things, and the call that follows from that, to love our neighbours. Love of God and love of neighbour is the starting ground.” “A Common Word” is a letter written in 2007 at the initiative of 138 Muslim scholars, clerics and political figures, according to the Rev. Scott Sharman, animator for ecumenical and interfaith relations, who gave a presentation to General Synod before the motion.

General Synod approves Journal, communications changes

Vancouver The 42nd General Synod approved changes to the organization of the two committees that have overseen the communications and storytelling efforts of the Anglican...

General Synod approves Jubilee Commission

General Synod passed a motion July 16 to affirm the creation of the Jubilee Commission, a commission tasked with finding a “just, sustainable and...

Faith, Worship, and Ministry resolutions passed at General Synod

A succession of resolutions brought by the Faith, Worship, and Ministry (FWM) Coordinating Committee, along with recognition for the Canadian Council of Churches, passed...

Prayer for reconciliation with the Jews passes first reading at General Synod

An effort to remove a prayer for conversion of the Jews from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and to replace it with one...

Revenue declines as proportional giving, investment income decrease in 2018, General Synod hears

In 2018, the Anglican Church of Canada experienced the largest single-year decrease in contributions from the dioceses that it has suffered since 1994, Bishop Fraser Lawton told General Synod.