Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, September 2018

Letters are subject to editing. Moral debate necessary The Anglican Church of Canada has provided a study guide to In Sure and Certain Hope in order to

Letters to the editor, August 2018

As a lifelong Anglican, I am amazed at the emphasis on such matters as same-sex marriage while the church is slowly vanishing.

Letters to the Editor, June-July 2018

‘Profoundly chilling’ The article detailing Carolyn Sitlington’s illness and her eventual decision to seek medical assistance in dying was heartbreaking [Assisted dying: One Anglican family’s

Letters to the Editor, June 2018

Love for God and others is central element of Jesus’ ministry I have a great deal of difficulty accepting Bishop Mark MacDonald’s verdict on Canadian

Letters to the Editor, May 2018

Anglican-Mennonite dialogue will yield positive outcome This is a good news story for sure (Canadian Anglicans, Mennonites meet for first-ever formal dialogue, anglicanjournal. com, Feb.

Letters to the Editor, April 2018

Standing together with our Jewish sisters and brothers I write this on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. In my watching of the “Live Feed” of General

Letters to the Editor, March 2018

‘Shine the light of Christ into the darkness’ I agree with the primate (Hiltz: Church needs to know its purpose, Jan. 2018, p.8) that in

Letters to the Editor, February 2018

We won a Nobel Prize Anglicans share in the honour of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN),

Letters to the Editor, June 2017

Synodical government ‘has served church well’ Bishop Mark MacDonald notes similarities between synodical and parliamentary government, wondering whether this model is appropriate for church governance

Letters to the Editor, May 2017

Why do apparently good people do bad things? It is because we don’t take seriously the teachings of Jesus in his call to discipleship.

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Letters to the Editor, March 2016

Here’s my response to the announcement that [the] dioceses [of Ottawa and Montreal] have made the decision to not invest their funds in the oil industry (Synods divest from fossil fuels, Jan. 2016, p. 1): I want you to remember that there are thousands of people whose employment revolves around the production of oil in northern Alberta.

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Letters to the Editor, January 2016

A heartfelt thanks for publishing the article Out of the shadows and into the light, by Tali Folkins (Nov. 2015, p. 3). I am a Christian man who has lived with a bipolar disorder for 40 years.