Letters to the Editor

Readers write

Following are excerpts from letters to the editor about the New Westminster decision. The synod had the best intentions when it passed this resolution, however,

Adoption of warship troubles reader

Dear editor, As I read the February Journal, I found one news blurb deeply troubling: I wondered why any church would “adopt” a warship. Adopting

Letters to the Editor

The abominable oyster Dear editor, P. Broadbent reminds us that “homosexuality is an abomination.” (No gay disciple, Jan., 2001.) According to my King James Version

Preaching a learned skill

Anglicans accountable Dear editor, I too was stunned when the judgment came down in the Lytton residential school case, finding the Anglican Church accountable for

Letters to the editor

Call a referendumDear editor, Since Bishop Michael Ingham seems determined to overturn certain tenets of the Anglican Church by preparing to accept forms of marriage

Letters to the editor

Episcopal projectiles welcome here Dear editor, In his comments regarding the consecration of two conservative American priests in Singapore (Consecrations Spark Outrage, March Journal), Primate

Appalled by comments

Appalled by comments Dear editor, I am appalled by the comments attributed to the dean of the Diocese of Calgary, Robert Pynn in Theologian Convicted


Not respectable Dear editor, I was taken aback to read, in October’s Anglican Journal, that “the wedding (of Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul) “could

Letters to the Editor

Palestinians must see Jews in Israel to stay Dear editor, The demands made by Sabeel in your April Focus on Middle East page were disturbing.