Arab Episcopal Medical Center

A hospital, run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem,  responds to health challenges facing the Palestinian population: increasing rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Israeli settlement checkpoints

First-hand account of the effects of the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in particular, the growth of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories and the construction by Israel

Life among the dead

As Gaza descends further into poverty, several generations of a Palestinian family have set up a lean-to they call home, in a local cemetery.

Suheila and Al Ahli Arab Hospital

The Al Ahli Arab Hospital picked up the pieces when its building was partially damaged during a bombing of nearby St. Philip’s Chapel by Israeli

Journey to Jerusalem Sunday book list

I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor’s Journey by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish Dr. Abuelaish’s life, as a Palestinian born in a refugee camp who became

Vila Sherkessi, the headquarters of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. Photo: Deror avi Wikimedia Commons

Christian Zionism

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper made an official visit to Israel this past January, media and other observers noted that his entourage included a strong representation of rabbis and conservative evangelical Christians whose churches espouse strongly pro-Israel views.

While international attention has been focused on Syria, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank have become "a silent emergency," said the deputy commissioner for the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees. Photo: Anglican Video

‘Silent emergency’

The picture painted by Margot Ellis, deputy commissioner of the United Nations (UN) Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), at the mid-March launch of an inter-agency humanitarian appeal for Gaza and the West Bank, is startlingly desperate.

Unlike a tour, a pilgrimage immerses participants in a sacred geography. Photo: Richard Le Sueur

Tourist or pilgrim: it’s up to you

I used to live in Jerusalem. I lived there with my wife and our children in in the 1990s when I served with St. George’s College as the director of their Desert Program.

The Israeli-Palestinian struggle remains one of the most complex and most enduring of all the world's conflicts. Photo: Mikhail/Shutterstock

Timeline of the Middle East conflict

The land between the Jordan River and the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which both Palestinians and Israelis claim, has been settled, resettled, conquered and reconquered throughout history, as far back as biblical times.

Primate’s prayer for Jerusalem

If prayer is “a gathering into the heart,” as former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams put it, and “a longing of the soul,” as Mahatma Gandhi said, a special prayer recently composed by the primate of the Anglican Church of Canada expresses both intentions.

Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People

Until you watch this documentary film, you won’t realize how much the biggest Hollywood films may have influenced the way you view Arabs, oftentimes in oh-so-subtle ways.


An independent film about a Palestinian Christian single mother from the West Bank, who moves with her teenage son from a small town to Chicago.


Directed by Israeli Yuval Adler, who co-wrote the script with Muslim Palestinian journalist Ali Waked, the film revolves around the bond that develops between an Israeli secret service officer and his young Palestinian informant, Sanfur.