A General Synod gospel jamboree: What to expect

The 42nd meeting of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada has been an historic one, so far, with the election of...

On forgiving your rapist

A Montreal-based Anglican is telling the world about finding forgiveness in the wake of sexual assault—but Noah Hermès' message doesn’t stop there. Note: Noah Hermès,...

A gentle invitation to worship

As people enter through the narthex of St. Faith’s Anglican Church, Vancouver, B.C., on a Sunday evening, they are greeted by a small table...

What is prayer, and why do we pray?

Photo: A3PF Family/Shutterstock Some people, if asked, would probably 
say that prayer means asking for something, and indeed the Oxford Canadian Dictionary defines prayer as...

Do you know whose land you’re on?

Beginning a service or other gathering with an Indigenous territorial acknowledgment can serve as an important gesture of reconciliation because, when done well, it...

Good night, sweet prince

A grandmother and Anglican priest writes about the tragic death of her grandson from opioid overdose in Vancouver More than 1,400 people died from drug...

Are ‘thoughts and prayers’ enough? Some Anglicans reflect

There’s value in praying to effect change—but if our prayers don’t affect our actions, something might be amiss, some Canadian Anglicans say. Since the mass...
For the past seven years, artist Karen Brodie has worked on banner designs that ask worshippers to move beyond memorizing the story line around Christ's last days. Photo: David Cooper

A faith journey through art

Sit, reflect and pray.

God is on the side of the oppressed’

In the wake of racial unrest and recent police violence in America, the Rev. Kelly Brown Douglas wrote her latest book with "the crying...
Children in wedding ceremonies bring joy - and sometimes, unintended consequences. Photo: GDRayson

Some weddings more ‘special’ than others, priests say

Every wedding is special, priests will tell you-but when things don't go as planned, some are more "special" than others.

Including children and dogs in a ceremony, frequently requested these days, can lead to unintended consequences, says Canon Judy Rois, executive director of the Anglican Foundation of Canada, and a parish priest for some 30 years.

Mental illness is now the domain of science. Is there still a role for faith? Image: Mouki K. Butt/moukikbutt.com

Solace for the soul

Religion, say some mental health experts, has at times been a mixed blessing for people of faith struggling with mental illness-but the picture is changing, bringing new hope for the afflicted.

Out of the shadows and into the light

Soon after The Rev. Claire Miller arrived at her new parish of St. Thomas Anglican Church in Owen Sound, Ont., she complained to a parishioner about feeling drained. Now, years later, she still remembers his response.

Lorie Lee-Knight wrote to her parents from Athens, Greece, where she was studying architecture: “I’m having the time of my life.” Photo: Contributed

Writing of love and loss

There are no measures of the depths of grief, but the death of a child is often said to be one of the most traumatic kinds of losses that people endure.
Kenton Lobe and Caroline Chartrand harvest their hand-pollinated squashes. Photo: Contributed

Gearing down in an age of speed

In the modern world, most of us live highly specialized lives. We generally assume that it is more efficient to trade our time for pay and then to pay other people for their time rather than doing things like growing food and making clothes ourselves.
As he celebrates his 20th year as Country Guide columnist, Bishop Rodney Andrews remembers that he only ever wanted to be an Anglican priest. And a pilot. Photo: Dave Stobbe

The flying bishop

Rod Andrews knows what it is to be forever connected to a chunk of land and a way of life. There's a special quality in his voice when he talks about the family farm, on Alberta's Coal Trail between Delburne and Red Deer.