‘All my relatives’

In Canada, just which nations are treaty nations? As the calendar year 2020 slowly winds down, closing a year that some of my younger relatives

Hindsight is 20-40

A column series last January in The Anglican Journal invited young leaders in the Anglican Church of Canada to offer their thoughts about the future. We asked them to revisit their assumptions after a tumultuous year.

Virtual unknowns

As the church moves many of its functions onto social media, what kinds of feeds might feed us? If you surveyed parishes in the Anglican

Preach it!

When it comes to sermonizing, Canadian Anglicans hold diverse opinions

Considering communion

A Eucharist that embraces a pandemic The pandemic has delivered uncomfortable restraints on the central act of our faith: the ceremony Jesus gave so that

Finding joy in our challenged assumptions

When life is stable and all its interlocking parts are running relatively smoothly, we simply assume it will always be that way. We make plans

Blurred visions

2020 shattered our assumptions. What will 2021 bring? If you’ve heard someone use the phrase “20/20 vision,” you’ve probably gathered that they meant perfect vision—the

Components of Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund’s five-year plan

Staying the course

PWRDF’s strategic plan shapes a strong future, despite pandemic In 2019, the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) unveiled its five-year strategic plan. No

Focus on fundraising

General Synod isn’t the only body in the Anglican Church of Canada to consider strategic planning of late. The Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) recently approved a four-pronged strategy for boosting its fundraising in order to continue operating and providing financial assistance at its current levels.

Photo of transport trucks on an ice road.

North and South

As the Anglican Church of Canada considers its future in an ongoing and evolving strategic planning process, it seems likely to encounter a familiar question: What about the North?

Photo of a cross-shaped headstone in a graveyard

Zooming in

For the Anglican Church of Canada’s department of Indigenous ministries, embracing Zoom videoconferencing technology has provided a solution to a major problem in the time of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Photo: Alice Photo/Shutterstock

Long distance

Reimagining church meetings in the era of COVID-19 With the COVID-19 pandemic putting a halt to in-person gatherings, the Anglican Church of Canada—like almost every

Photo of Donna Bomberry

Fulfilling the covenant

Indigenous Anglicans have long dreamed of a self-determining Indigenous church as part of the Anglican Church of Canada. Now the work is underway to turn that dream into reality.