Tali Folkins

Tali Folkins
Tali Folkins has worked as a staff reporter for the Law Times and the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal. His writing has appeared in The Globe and Mail and The United Church Observer.

Suffering from COVID-19— months after recovering

When she goes on long walks these days, Judy Carson, a member of St. Thomas’s Anglican Church, Shanty Bay, Ont., sometimes takes an oxygen tank with her to keep from getting out of breath.

Preach it!

When it comes to sermonizing, Canadian Anglicans hold diverse opinions

Focus on fundraising

General Synod isn’t the only body in the Anglican Church of Canada to consider strategic planning of late. The Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) recently approved a four-pronged strategy for boosting its fundraising in order to continue operating and providing financial assistance at its current levels.

‘A triennium of transitions’

Pandemic pulls church away from conventional planning The extreme unpredictability brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a radical re-thinking of the Anglican Church

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Caught in a wave

The Anglican Church of Canada navigates a ‘nuanced’ approach to responsible investing In 2018, a task force of the Anglican Church of Canada came before

One parish’s green audit called on it to switch from using Styrofoam cups. But in the end the parish decided against this, Rois says, because they felt the Styrofoam cups were “part of their congregational culture.” Photo: Redcom Productions

O greenest church?

Churches can face many hurdles in improving their environmental impact—but those that have persevered offer insights into walking a greener path.

The Rev. Dawn Leger, an Anglican priest who serves as pastor at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Toronto, enjoys taking her “Little Luther” along on her travels. Photo: Marites N. Sison

Martin Luther toy travels world with enthusiasts

With the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation this year, many are marking the occasion using an item not often associated with theology: a child’s plastic toy.