Matthew Townsend

Matthew Townsend
Matthew Townsend has worked in editorial, journalistic, and web development roles with a variety of organizations, including the The Living Church, the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, NY, and the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida. He is a member of Episcopal Communicators and has consulted with a variety of ecumenical organizations, including Atlantic School of Theology, the Presbyterian Endowment Network, and the Associated Church Press.

Blurred visions

2020 shattered our assumptions. What will 2021 bring? If you’ve heard someone use the phrase “20/20 vision,” you’ve probably gathered that they meant perfect vision—the

Photo of transport trucks on an ice road.

North and South

As the Anglican Church of Canada considers its future in an ongoing and evolving strategic planning process, it seems likely to encounter a familiar question: What about the North?

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On religion and politics

Over the last few months, as the publication of this issue has been delayed due to COVID-19, the editorial staff and I found ourselves wondering: Will people be interested in an Epiphanies focused entirely on the subject of differences?

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The visions of Juan Diego

In 1531, three years before the Church of England was born, the seeds of an Indigenous church were planted.

Trimming our sails

As conversations about the church’s strategic planning begin, let us consider how we respond to the movement of the Holy Spirit “If you wish to

Debt in interfaith perspective

Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Anglican writers offer their views on lending and debt Usury has been the most challenging moral issue for many Catholics and

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‘Nothing’s like it used to be’

Ask people about buying food in Newfoundland and Labrador, and you’ll start hearing a few consistent comments: that fresh produce can be very expensive, that storm-related shipping delays can cut off the supply of food, and that the island of Newfoundland has, at any given time, three days of fresh food on the shelves.

From regular flooding in Miami to unprecedented fires in the Arctic, climate change is making itself known everywhere. meunierd/shutterstock

And all who live in it

Welcome to this first edition of EPIPHANIES from the Anglican Journal.