Anglican Journal Staff

Anglican Journal Staff
The Rev. Canon Jack Crouch led the national church's youth ministries for four years in the late 60s. Photo: General Synod Archives

‘Great people person’ dies at 87

The Rev. Canon Jack Crouch, who served the Anglican Church of Canada at all levels, died on July 11 following a brief illness. He was

Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel, and Quran features English translations of the complete texts of the Torah, the New Testament and the Quran.

An ancient family united under one roof

Coming this August is an audacious and historic compilation of the sacred writings of Jews, Christians and Muslims— Abraham’s family or the “People of the

Archbishop of Canterbury to step down

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, announced today that he will resign his post at the end of this year. He has accepted a

Call for national prevention strategy

Cynthia Patterson, suicide prevention program co-ordinator for the Council of the North, is urging all Anglicans in Canada to support legislative efforts to create a

The Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury admire a silver stupa ("mound"), a sacred Buddhist reliquary. Photo: Andrew Dunsmore

Defender of the faiths

In one of her first public engagements to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee year, which began on Feb. 6, Queen Elizabeth II attended a multi-faith reception

Canadian appointed

The Rev. Dr. Grant LeMarquand, a graduate of Wycliffe College in Toronto, has been appointed assistant bishop for the Horn of Africa, within the diocese

The Attawapiskat First Nation community has endured Third World living conditions like this – a shanty with no running water and indoor plumbing. Photo: RJ Lerich

“People may die if nothing is done”

The Canadian ecumenical justice group, Kairos, is seeking support for the Attawapiskat First Nation in northern Ontario. The indigenous band, which declared a state of

Advent chapel to grace Montreal mall

Young clergy and seminarians from the Anglican Diocese of Montreal are creating an oasis of holiday peace in the midst of a hectic downtown mall.

One in 10 Canadian children and one in four First Nations children still lives in poverty, says Campaign 2000's 2011 report card. Photo: Shutterstock

Child poverty still rampant: report

More than two decades after a unanimous House of Common resolution to eradicate child poverty by 2000, Canadian families are still waiting for Ottawa to

Call to action

Ecumenical faith leaders in Africa have launched a call to action and appeal for the more than 12 million people affected by famine in the

Creche conference

From Nov. 10 to 12, Toronto’s Cathedral Church of St. James will host an international conference and exhibition devoted to the diverse art and traditions