ACIP representatives granted membership at General Synod


Primate Fred Hiltz and General Synod Prolocutor Cynthia Haines-Turner, far left and right, with General Synod's new ACIP members (l-r): Canon (lay) Donna Bomberry, the Rev. Iola Metuq, Canon Norm Wesley, Judith Moses and Freeman Bell. Photo: Diocese of Niagara


The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada passed a resolution July 11 to amend its constitution to make representatives of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples (ACIP) full voting members of General Synod 2019.

The Rev. Iola Metuq, Canon Norm Wesley, Canon (lay) Donna Bomberry, Judith Moses and Freeman Bell are the two clergy, two laypersons and one youth representative elected to attend General Synod as ACIP partners.

“For some years, General Synod has invited representatives of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples (ACIP) as partners to sit in General Synod in voice but not vote,” the explanatory note to the resolution, which was brought by General Synod Chancellor David Jones and seconded by Canon Randall Fairey, reads.

“The purpose of this amendment is to transition ACIP representatives from partner status to membership in General Synod….The amendment would take effect immediately and if passed would apply to General Synod 2019.”

The amendment will add a paragraph to section eight of the constitution (“Membership”) that states ACIP will be “entitled to elect or appoint two licensed members of the clergy, two communicant lay persons, and one youth”—between the ages of 16 and 26—as members of General Synod.

Bishops from ACIP are already members of General Synod.

The resolution was required to be passed by two-thirds majority in the orders of laity, clergy and bishops. The vote was taken verbally by Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, who declared the motion carried.

Members of General Synod stood and applauded upon hearing the resolution passed.

Hiltz called the ACIP members forward, saying, “We’re going to present to them appropriate coloured lanyards and the all-important clicker”—the keypad members will use for electronic voting throughout the synod.

Hiltz clasped the hand of each member as they came forward and were given lanyards and keypads by General Synod Prolocutor Cynthia Haines-Turner, while General Synod gave another standing ovation.

The amendment took effect immediately, meaning the ACIP members will be able to vote on resolutions throughout General Synod 2019.

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Joelle Kidd

Joelle Kidd

Joelle Kidd joined the Anglican Journal in 2017 as staff writer. She has worked as an editor and writer for the Winnipeg-based Fanfare Magazine Group and as freelance copy editor for Naida Communications.

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