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  • What rhymes with ‘truth’?

    What rhymes with ‘truth’?
    The other day, I heard an interview on CBC's The Current with the philosopher James Garvey. He was talking about his work on the impact of marketing techniques used in the context of public political and ethical debates. 
    by Rhonda Waters
    Posted June, 20 2016
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  • Will Orlando be our moment of reckoning?

    Will Orlando be our moment of reckoning?
    Once again, we are faced with the presence of evil and the horror of violence in the mass murder at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla. Once again, my heart is breaking for this unfathomable pain and loss.
    by Natasha Brubaker Garrison
    Posted June, 17 2016
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  • ‘Look at the birds of the air’

    ‘Look at the birds of the air’
     In his Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 6:26), Jesus advises us to consider that—even as the Creator cares for the birds of the air—we humans can learn from them and trust in God’s compassion for all creation. 
    by Wayne Holst
    Posted June, 16 2016
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  • Honouring God’s love for the Earth

    I’ve always loved the outdoors. As a child, I spent endless hours playing in the Elora Gorge and camping on the shores of Lake Huron.
    by Karri Munn-Venn
    Posted June, 08 2016
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  • Statement from the diocese of Montreal

    Statement from the diocese of Montreal

    The Diocese of Montreal regrets that St. James Church, Montreal and the St. James Drop in Centre could not agree on terms for a lease renewal.  The expressed desire of St. James Church to ensure that diocesan safe church policy was being implemented is understandable. …

    Posted June, 07 2016
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  • A justice issue and a matter of theology

    Thank you for publishing the article about Jen Warren and myself and why we brought the motion to amend the marriage canon (Resolution C003: The inside story, June 2016, p.9). I was pleased at the interest and generally happy with the article. There is just one thing I would like to correct.
    Posted June, 06 2016
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  • Checking privilege at the border

    Checking privilege at the border
    Flying back from a conference, I stand at the desk of an airport terminal’s gate, preparing to board, ticket in hand, passport at the ready. 
    by Jeffrey Metcalfe
    Posted May, 27 2016
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  • The blessings of change

    The blessings of change
    It is hard to believe that my family and I have been living in Ottawa for three months already! Our home is (almost completely) organized.
    by Rhonda Waters
    Posted May, 24 2016
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  • Blessed are the troublemakers

    Blessed are the troublemakers
    For many  centuries,the church has considered itself the religious aspect of the larger society. Entrance in the church was entrance into society and vice versa. Everyone was to live in harmony with the larger pattern of life in what was thought to be a Christian society. Fitting in with the expectations of civil society was an unquestioned norm. This approach reached its height, it would seem, in the 1950s, the last great period of growth and influence for the church in North America.
    by Mark MacDonald
    Posted May, 17 2016
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  • Armageddon

    “I looked at the sky,” said a young man as he pointed his iPhone in the direction of a wall of flames, ominously challenging easy escape from  Fort McMurray, Alta. “It was like Armageddon.”
    by Wayne Holst
    Posted May, 16 2016
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