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  • 'Nevertheless'

    On a Saturday morning in mid-September, I was seated with three other people, forming a panel at a meeting of the board of ATR (Anglican Theological Review), a quarterly publication well known for its articles, poetry and book reviews. We were invited to speak to the subject of “testing the bonds of affection” and to offer some reflections on the state of relations within and among the churches of the Anglican Communion.
    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted November, 24 2014
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  • Beeswax and sweetgrass

    Beeswax and sweetgrass
    As we gathered in the chapel to celebrate Eucharist, our friend and colleague Barbara was preparing to smudge the altar. In attempting to light her sweetgrass braid from the altar candle, she held it too close to the flame and for a moment too long, and the flame sputtered and died.
    by Michael Thompson
    Posted November, 21 2014
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  • An emerging new sense of Canadian identity

     An emerging new sense of Canadian identity
    This country’s First Nations people provide all of us with a foundation to help define what it means to be Canadian today. I have only gradually come to appreciate this, and invite you to join me in my discovery.
    Wayne Holst
    Posted November, 18 2014
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  • Let’s talk about death

    Let’s talk about death
    We are, on a daily basis, confronted with images of death: we see it in the news and on social media, on TV shows, movies and video games. We routinely hear about life-threatening diseases, mass shootings, massacres and disasters, and we witness public displays of grief and despair even from faraway places. 
    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted November, 17 2014
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  • A shoebox of something special

    A shoebox of something special
    As I pointed to the shoebox on the table,the word “Sa-mar-i-tan” hovering behind me on the flip chart, I asked, “What goes in here?”All the hands in my Sunday school class shot up.
    Michelle Hauser
    Posted November, 07 2014
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  • Living in a post-denominational reality

    Living in a post-denominational reality

    I would like to thank the Anglican Journal  editor for giving me the opportunity to write this monthly column and for the latitude she is allowing me in terms of title, theme and content. 

    Wayne Holst
    Posted November, 04 2014
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  • Our common future

    Our common future
    If there is to be hope for the future, our faith-filled response will be hard-fought and costly. It will require those with power to cast it aside. 
    by Andrew Stephens-Rennie
    Posted October, 31 2014
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  • A big red door isn’t enough

    A big red door isn’t enough

    One Sunday morning, I stopped in at the Starbucks directly across the street from the Cathedral. The barista asked about my clerical collar. When I told him I worked at the (large neo-gothic) church visible from his workstation, he commented on how nice it was to see it open and lamented that it was usually closed.

    by Rhonda Waters
    Posted October, 28 2014
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  • Thank you seems to be the hardest word

    Thank you seems to be the hardest word
    “I owe Mark some tomatoes,” she said, gruffly, handing me a basket at the back door.
    Michelle Hauser
    Posted October, 22 2014
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  • A way of life for this age

    A way of life for this age

    For the past few years, it has been my practice to speak to indigenous youth about the critical role that they will play in our common future.

    by Mark MacDonald
    Posted October, 14 2014
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