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  • Take courage

    Take courage
    Many of us will likely say 2014 turned out to be another annus horribilis. Indeed, it seemed as if we were trapped in an endless cycle of violence and misery. 
    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted December, 17 2014
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  • The vocabulary of prayer

    The vocabulary of prayer
    You could set your watch by how quickly my dad would come uncorked after my aunt’s Christmas newsletter arrived—about 3.5 seconds, if memory serves. Auntie M. was famous for her long legs, enviable year-round tan, and saccharine seasonal epistles.
    Michelle Hauser
    Posted December, 15 2014
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  • A distinct Advent/Christmas message

    A distinct Advent/Christmas message
    Christian religion that aligns itself with societal trends runs the risk of becoming indistinguishable from our culture. William Hordern, a recently deceased Canadian theologian and a mentor of mine would say, “It fails to tell the world something the world is not already telling itself.” 
    Wayne Holst
    Posted December, 12 2014
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  • Faith across generations

    Faith across generations
    To this day I can still picture myself climbing the stairs of Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall toward the balcony. It was in the highest heights of that concert hall that I encountered The Messiah for the first time. By the time I was seven or eight years old, it had become family tradition to yearly immerse ourselves in George Frideric Handel’s masterpiece.
    by Andrew Stephens-Rennie
    Posted December, 04 2014
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  • Why ACNA isn’t an ecumenical partner—yet

    Why ACNA isn’t an ecumenical partner—yet
    Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby recently articulated his understanding of the status of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), formed in 2009 by a coalition of a dozen groups that chose to break communion with the Anglican Church of Canada and, in the United States, with The Episcopal Church.
    Bruce Myers
    Posted December, 04 2014
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  • The future among us

    The future among us
    Everyone of us has an interest in the future health of our church. 
    by Mark MacDonald
    Posted December, 01 2014
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  • We dare

    We dare
    Among the glories of Canada’s great landscapes are its mountains. 
    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted December, 01 2014
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  • A more complete joy

    A more complete joy
    I hate winter. I hate the cold and the grey and the snow. I hate having to wear boots and mitts and hats. I hate the way my glasses fog up and my shoulders ache from hunching against the wind. I hate that it takes longer to get anywhere on slippery sidewalks and crowded buses. As autumn draws to a close, the dread builds and builds until the first snowfall when I can finally slide into bitter resignation.
    by Rhonda Waters
    Posted November, 28 2014
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  • Justice for our children

    Justice for our children
    Years ago, we sat next to a father and his two young children—a boy and a girl, both probably between five and eight years old. As the food and beverage cart came by, each time the father would buy a beer; each time his children would beg for food. “We’re hungry, Daddy,” they cried. We were grieved that each time he responded, “We don’t have any money for food.”
    by Mark MacDonald
    Posted November, 28 2014
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  • 'Nevertheless'

    On a Saturday morning in mid-September, I was seated with three other people, forming a panel at a meeting of the board of ATR (Anglican Theological Review), a quarterly publication well known for its articles, poetry and book reviews. We were invited to speak to the subject of “testing the bonds of affection” and to offer some reflections on the state of relations within and among the churches of the Anglican Communion.
    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted November, 24 2014
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