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    Understanding the impact of the Doctrine of Discovery I am encouraged by Marites N. Sison’s editorial (‘What do they want now?’ May 2015, p. 4). In naming how frequently and yet inappropriately this question is voiced by Christians of European descent, she is effectively showing…

    Posted September, 30 2015
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  • Hypnotized


    Recently, I used the word “hypnotized” to describe the way the churches of a Western cultural framework have been impacted by their relationship with the cultures and governance of Euro-North American countries. A good friend asked, “What does that mean?” So, I will try to explain.

    by Mark MacDonald
    Posted September, 29 2015
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  • ‘Are we still people of compassion?’

    ‘Are we still people of compassion?’
    For weeks, we have been exposed to a human catastrophe that began in nations such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and has spread into most European countries. We have learned, for example, that Germany opened its doors to refugees from these nations and is now struggling to accommodate overwhelming numbers who are attempting to migrate there.
    Wayne Holst
    Posted September, 21 2015
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  • A look in the mirror

    A look in the mirror

    There are times when we each bump up against our own rules in very telling ways. Recently this happened to me while I drove from my home to the cathedral, a trip that takes me over the bridge between West Kelowna and Kelowna.

    by Nissa Basbaum
    Posted September, 17 2015
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  • ‘The nastiness refined me’

    ‘The nastiness refined me’
    Did I swim the Tiber or was it a walk to Canterbury? Not sure. It felt at the time more like some sort of ersatz inferno.
    Michael Coren
    Posted September, 15 2015
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  • The inescapable responsibility

    The inescapable responsibility
    In 1986, the United Nations awarded the people of Canada the Nansen Medal, its highest distinction for aid to refugees, for their “major and sustained contribution to the cause of refugees in their country and throughout the world for years.”
    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted September, 03 2015
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  • Random acts of evangelism

    Random acts of evangelism

    Random Acts of Evangelism usually leave me grappling with a complex set of emotions. First and foremost, there’s anger.

    Michelle Hauser
    Posted September, 02 2015
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  • The stained glass ceiling holds

    The stained glass ceiling holds
    On June 6, when Mary Irwin-Gibson, the dean and rector of St. George’s Anglican Cathedral in Kingston, Ont., was elected bishop of the diocese of Montreal, the Anglican Journal published an online story that carried the headline, First woman bishop for Montreal.
    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted August, 31 2015
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  • A price is paid for justice and human rights

    A price is paid for justice and human rights
    One woman was permitted to audit a few of our male-dominated seminary classes, which I attended during the mid-60s. We were happy to include her, but all of us assumed that she was just “interested” in the subjects and that she would never be ordained a priest.
    Wayne Holst
    Posted August, 28 2015
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  • A cross, a call, a question

    A cross, a call, a question
    History recorded that when Constantine ordered the building of a great church in Jerusalem, the labourers, in the course of digging to lay its foundation, found a large beam of wood. Said to have been from the cross on which Christ died, it was enshrined near the altar of the new church, which was dedicated on September 14 in the year 335. Ever since then, Christians have kept this date as Holy Cross Day.
    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted August, 24 2015
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