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  • El Calvario

    El Calvario
    It was literally a full house with standing room only at the eucharist on Sunday, February 16 in Luyano, a very poor area in Havana, Cuba.  
    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted March, 31 2014
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  • The gift of questions

    The gift of questions

    Phil Robertson’s reality TV show Duck Dynasty changed my life—even though I’ve never seen the show, am only vaguely aware of its content and know nothing about its characters. I can’t tell you when it’s on, or even on what channel. And yet, for some reason, in late December the show presented me with an incredible opportunity for discussion...

    by Andrew Stephens-Rennie
    Posted March, 13 2014
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  • The church waits in hope

    The church waits in hope

    In the foreword to the book entitled Audacious Anglicans, written by Canadians Ralph Moore and the late Gerald Rayner, Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, wrote: “What the Body of Christ really is only appears as you tell the stories of how he has been real in this or that specific life…We need these human narratives.

    by A. Paul Feheley
    Posted March, 12 2014
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  • The friendly gospel

    The friendly gospel
    A good friend, an indigenous Anglican priest from Guatemala, recently made a powerfully perceptive statement. Translated from Spanish, he said, “The gospel is friendly to our culture and life-ways.” This short sentence has a number of important dimensions.
    by Mark MacDonald
    Posted March, 11 2014
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  • Lent: Time to take heed

    Lent: Time to take heed

    After a while, the thread of truth, the rhythm of life and death, the visceral loneliness—after a while they are impossible to ignore. Standing, kneeling, the liturgy of ashes gets personal, as the sign of our origin and our end smears the foreheads of the faithful: “Remember, you are dust, and to dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:19).

    by Michael Thompson
    Posted March, 05 2014
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  • Smudging


    In recent years I have come to deeply appreciate the rites of smudging conducted by indigenous peoples. From a pouch containing cedar, sweet grass, sage and tobacco, an elder draws a handful and places the mixture in a shell.

    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted March, 04 2014
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  • God's presence, in life and death

    God's presence, in life and death
    Some years ago, my grandmother, Dorothea Rennie, passed away in February. In the previous six months, she’d rallied and failed so many times that it was hard to know what to do, or how to prepare. 
    by Andrew Stephens-Rennie
    Posted February, 18 2014
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  • Only God can save us

    Only God can save us
    For quite a few years, a growing number of indigenous people, concerned about the renewal of their communities, have insisted, directly or indirectly, that only God can save us. 
    by Mark MacDonald
    Posted February, 18 2014
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  • Canadian Anglicans observe Salvadoran election

    Canadian Anglicans observe Salvadoran election
    Twenty-four Canadian Anglicans, from the dioceses of Huron and New Westminster, served as election observers at the presidential election in the Republic of El Salvador on Feb. 2. 
    by Kevin Dixon
    Posted February, 06 2014
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  • Marked

    I was baptized on April 7, 1957 at Emmanuel Church in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Though my baptismal certificate is a bit yellowed and tattered, I carry it with me wherever I go. It is tucked into my Prayer Book and is sometimes the focus of a chat with the children or with adults being baptized.
    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted February, 03 2014
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