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  • Ring the bells

    Ring the bells
    Is there any more wonderful sound than the bells of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, or those of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Christ Church Cathedral in Canterbury, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London or the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in old Quebec City?
    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted May, 22 2015
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  • Assisted suicide: How about a few second thoughts?

    Assisted suicide: How about a few second thoughts?
    Archbishop Fred Hiltz is correct in saying Anglicans should “…exhibit an unwavering resolve to include those most affected by our deliberations.”  In response, I am writing my impressions.
    by Adrian Rhodes
    Posted May, 19 2015
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  • Spring cleaning: Good for the soul

    Spring cleaning: Good for the soul
    I write from the land of galloping regime change. You guessed it—from Alberta—where, every generation or two, we elect a new government. My theme, however, does not have to do with politics, but with personal spiritual transformation, which has been occurring alongside our Canadian springtime.
    Wayne Holst
    Posted May, 14 2015
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  • What brought you here today?

    What brought you here today?
    It’s one of the first questions on our minds when someone dares to walk through the front doors of our church for the first time.
    Andrew Stephens-Rennie
    Posted May, 12 2015
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  • When coffee hour gets complicated

    When coffee hour gets complicated
    I was setting up chairs for Sunday School when I overheard the coffee hour team in the kitchen debating about the urn and how many scoops they should use and why on earth wasn’t the recipe written down somewhere.
    Michelle Hauser
    Posted May, 07 2015
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  • What do they want now?

    What do they want now?
    Many indigenous Anglicans have noted that this has been the inevitable, if not caustic, response of some in the church whenever they air a concern or demand change in order to address historical injustices, or even simply to make their ministries work better. 
    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted May, 06 2015
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  • Returning to a Christian way of life

    Returning to a Christian way of life
    The churches that have been a part of the European and North American cultural framework have played a unique and important role in the colonization of our planet over the past five centuries. At times, it should be recognized, they calmed down some of the excesses of colonization. 
    by Mark MacDonald
    Posted May, 06 2015
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  • ‘Well done and welcome home’

    ‘Well done and welcome home’
    As our church observes Jerusalem  Sunday on May 17 (the Seventh Sunday of Easter), we will give special thanks to God for the ministry of Major the Rev. Canon John Organ, who has served as chaplain for Archbishop Suheil Dawani in Jerusalem for the past three years.
    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted April, 23 2015
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  • Why 'check in with the Pharisees’?

    Why 'check in with the Pharisees’? Re: Don't change canon, says commission (Feb. 2015, p.1). Somehow the world did not end in 2005 when the Canadian governm ent made it the law of the land that same-sex couples could marry and h ave all the rights and protection of…

    Posted April, 23 2015
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  • The continuing story

    The continuing story

    Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

    And that changes everything—backwards and forwards.

    Our story—the world’s story—is rewritten in this moment. Everything that came before means something a little different now—everything needs to be re-remembered in light of this new fact.

    by Rhonda Waters
    Posted April, 20 2015
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