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  • Blessed are the troublemakers

    Blessed are the troublemakers
    For many  centuries,the church has considered itself the religious aspect of the larger society. Entrance in the church was entrance into society and vice versa. Everyone was to live in harmony with the larger pattern of life in what was thought to be a Christian society. Fitting in with the expectations of civil society was an unquestioned norm. This approach reached its height, it would seem, in the 1950s, the last great period of growth and influence for the church in North America.
    by Mark MacDonald
    Posted May, 17 2016
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  • Armageddon

    “I looked at the sky,” said a young man as he pointed his iPhone in the direction of a wall of flames, ominously challenging easy escape from  Fort McMurray, Alta. “It was like Armageddon.”
    by Wayne Holst
    Posted May, 16 2016
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  • Papa and Leah

    Papa and Leah
    On Sunday, April 10, I had the great joy of baptizing our granddaughter, Leah Madeline, at Grace Church on-the-Hill in Toronto. I, of course, was very excited and a little nervous, too.
    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted May, 10 2016
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  • Putting an end to the dark ages

    Putting an end to the dark ages
    When primates of the Anglican Communion issued a communiqué at the end of their meeting in January, media (including the Anglican Journal) focused on the “consequences” imposed on The Episcopal Church for allowing religious weddings for gay couples. It was, arguably, a development that needed to be reported prominently. 
    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted May, 06 2016
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  • Where the church has no name

    Where the church has no name
    On August 1 last year, the Rev. Randy Murray stuck a handwritten sign in the park-like front lawn of Metropolitan United Church in downtown Toronto. The sign read: Talk To A Priest! / confidential / non-judgemental / free.
    by Tali Folkins
    Posted May, 05 2016
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  • ‘Like a living tree’

    ‘Like a living tree’

    Is your church blossoming? Image: Ori-Artiste/Shutterstock Wes Frensdorff, the one-time bishop of Nevada (now deceased) wrote a piece called “The Dream.”* He imagines a church that has recovered its New Testament charism and passion, a church that celebrates the ministries…

    by Fred Hiltz
    Posted April, 29 2016
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  • A church faithful in its time

    A church faithful in its time
    Just a couple of short weeks ago, my front lawn was covered (again) in snow.  It felt like winter would never end and every casual conversation included a complaint about the insult of snow in April. 
    by Rhonda Waters
    Posted April, 25 2016
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  • Sanctified in the truth

    Sanctified in the truth
    Walking home from a riveting lecture on Christianity and peace, I had just started to cross the quiet intersection that leads to my neighbourhood when a black SUV, creeping past the stop line, hesitatingly pulled through the intersection and cut me off. 
    by Jeffrey Metcalfe
    Posted April, 20 2016
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  • Pope Francis joins the human quest

    Pope Francis joins the human quest

    Modernity has not been kind to those upholding the truth of the gospel as well as the authority and unity of the church. 

    by Wayne Holst
    Posted April, 15 2016
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  • Between a rock and a hard place

    Between a rock and a hard place
    On February 29, the House of Bishops dropped a bombshell  when it issued a statement that they were “not likely” to muster enough votes among themselves to pass a draft resolution allowing same-sex marriage in the Anglican Church of Canada.
    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted April, 14 2016
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