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  • Welcome to the broadcast

    Welcome to the broadcast
    For more than three decades, Don Newman held what he considers the best job in television: senior parliamentary editor for the CBC and anchor of such influential programs as This Week in Parliament and Politics.
    by Diana Swift
    Posted April, 23 2014
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  • A journey like no other

    A journey like no other
    You are exhausted and surrounded by an almost palpable fear.

    You feel a wave of sadness because of all places, you associate this house, here in Bethany, with warmth, security and friendship.

    Herbert O'Driscoll
    Posted April, 17 2014
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  • Secular story, religious themes

    Secular story, religious themes

    It takes time for the “winter vault” to appear in Anne Michaels’ novel (over 240 pages in), but it is an apt title for this beautifully crafted story of dispossession and adaptation, of loss and hard-won hope, of the creative capacity of story to open the way to reconciliation and the power of love to realize redemption.

    by Colin R. Johnson
    Posted April, 02 2014
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  • Russell: True son of the land

    Russell: True son of the land
    From his driving, hard-rhotic accent to his fishing-and-hunting boyhood—not to mention summers working fish plants and oil tankers—Todd Russell is a Labradorian, through and through.
    by Diana Swift
    Posted March, 17 2014
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  • Poetry this Lent

    Poetry this Lent

    I get a little anxious before Lent. Forty days of self-examination, purification and closer journeying with Christ feel like a set-up for failure on my part. I have a lot on my plate: highly engaging work for justice, long daily commutes, people in my life who need my active presence, things to do and places to go.


    Henriëtte Thompson
    Posted March, 04 2014
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  • Provocative films about human rights at TIFF

    Provocative films about human rights at TIFF

     No frame is wasted on first-time feature filmmaker Marta Cunningham’s Valentine Road, a powerful documentary about the 2008 murder of openly gay California eighth-grader Lawrence (“Larry”) King, by his classmate and crush, 14-year-old Brandon McInerney.

    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted February, 26 2014
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  • The kids are all right

    The kids are all right
    You will leave feeling honoured that you have met—even vicariously—the 45 native American and aboriginal young people interviewed by Deborah Ellis for her outstanding new book, Looks Like Daylight.
    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted February, 24 2014
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  • Christy Clark: natural-born politician -— of faith

    Christy Clark: natural-born politician -— of faith
    As a teenager, Christiana Joan Clark would stay after class and passionately argue points with her history teacher. 
    by Diana Swift
    Posted February, 06 2014
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  • Young women priests face issues of age and gender

    Young women priests face issues of age and gender

    Two key moments relating to the ordination of women have been seared in the memory of the Rev. Dawn Leger, an associate priest at Christ Church Anglican in Stouffville, Ont.

    by Marites N. Sison
    Posted January, 31 2014
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  • The complex journey of Mayann Francis

    The complex journey of Mayann Francis

    Her Honour Dr. Mayann Elizabeth Francis has always gone wherever she felt God was calling her to go. That has made for an exceptionally varied journey that includes sociology, X-ray technology, law, public administration, theology and human rights.

    by Diana Swift
    Posted January, 21 2014
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