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Why are you walking?

By Marites N. Sison on May, 31 2015

Anglicans were among thousands who took part in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Walk for Reconciliation May 31 in Ottawa. Photo: Marites N. Sison

On May 31, thousands of people took part in the "Walk for Reconciliation," organized by the Truth and Reconciliation of Commission (TRC). The walk was meant to "transform and renew the very essence of relationships between Indigenous peoples and all Canadians." Before the walk, which wended its way from Gatineau, Que., to downtown Ottawa, the Anglican Journal asked some participants one question: Why are you walking? 


Bishop Adam Halkett, first Indigenous diocesan bishop, Anglican diocese of Saskatchewan

I’m walking because I’m a survivor, representing the First Nations in Saskatchewan. It’s very important for me, my children and grandchildren to be here. (On seeing non-Indigenous people join the walk) I draw real strength from that. 


Karri Munn-Venn, Citizens for Public Justice and  All Saints’ Westboro, diocese of Ottawa; with son, Oscar

I’m here with the organization I work for, Citizens for Public Justice, which is a national ecumenical organization. We’re a group of people inspired by faith in working for justice in Canadian public policy. I’m here for work and also with my son, Oscar, because we believe we are all part of the solution. This isn’t an “us or them” kind of issue that we’re looking at in terms of reconciliation from the residential school system, but one about Canadian society. We believe that everyone has the right to live in dignity and we want to be part of the solution. 

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada National Bishop Susan Johnson 

We all have a responsibility for right relationships and for addressing justice issues…I’m marching with the Anglican Church of Canada, our communion partner, because I want to stand up and walk with them, to honour the way they have taken responsibility for their actions in administering the schools and I want to walk in a hopeful way. 

Moses Robinson, St. Margaret’s Church, Anglican diocese of Ottawa 

We walk in unity with Aboriginal people because we are all one people. 

Todd Russell, Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples and KAIROS Indigenous Rights Circle

I’m walking for justice and reconciliation. I’m walking, first of all, for the survivors to show them that there’s a lot of hope, a lot of support, and that justice can come. Also to support the great work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I’m walking, as well, as an invitation to all other Canadians to walk with us in this journey. And, hopefully, for change.

Angel, St. Margaret’s Church, Anglican diocese of Ottawa 

I’m walking to support our sister members of St. Margaret’s Church, Inuit, because we know more now about what they went through and we want to support their mission to get over what they have gone through. 



Cynthia, St. Margaret’s Church, Anglican diocese of Ottawa 

We are walking to support our Inuit friends, with what they went through. We are with them. 






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Marites N. Sison

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