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Sharing the good news in Rupert's Land

By Diana Swift on March, 11 2013

Copies of Rupert's Land News were hand-delivered to members of the 39 Lutheran congregations within Rupert's Land.

This article first appeared in the March 2013 issue of Anglican Journal.
As anticipation of July’s joint Anglican-Lutheran assembly intensifies, an experimental issue of Rupert’s Land News (RLN) features contributors from both churches (rupertsland.ca/wp-content/uploads/RLN-January-2013.pdf). 

“By the time Joint Assembly happens, our readers should already know that the Anglicans and the Lutherans of this region have a relationship,” says Terence Moore, RLN editor. 

RLN increased its January 2013 run of 4,070 by 2,800 copies, which were hand-delivered to members of the 39 Lutheran congregations within Rupert’s Land. “The entire marginal cost was less than $400,” says Moore, who co-edited the issue with Rick Scherger, communications co-ordinator for the Lutheran synod of Manitoba Northwestern Ontario. “The two bishops will decide who picks up what.”

Contributors include the two respective bishops, the Lutheran dean of the diocese of Rupert’s Land and a Lutheran pastor. If interest warrants, the experiment may be repeated. “The distribution is difficult, so we will not decide this lightly,” says Moore. 

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By Diana Swift| March, 11 2013

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Diana Swift

Diana Swift

Diana Swift is an award-winning writer and editor with 30 years’ experience in newspaper and magazine editing and production. In January 2011, she joined the Anglican Journal as a contributing editor. 

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